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Company profile

The Neot Tel Ram Company was founded in 2000. Since its beginning, the company has dealt mainly with the construction of bridges, tunnels and other complex engineering projects, climbing upwards to become one of the leading companies in the field.

In 2011, with the accumulated building experience of hundreds of engineering projects, the company partially merged with the engineering division of “Elyakim Ben Ari” forming the
“Ben Ari Tel Ram” Company. This newly formed company is made up of top quality and professional engineering and management teams, including a wealth of some of the best engineers, practical engineers and technicians, foremen, safety inspectors, logistics experts and work teams in the field.

The “Ben Ari Tel Ram” Company is involved in the implementation of dozens of engineering projects, particularly in the field of bridges, and has an unlimited rank in bridge construction.

Over the years the Company’s owners have established a number of subsidiary companies that initiate, create, hold and manage office buildings, factories, storage complexes, commercial and building accommodations all over the country.

The “Ben Ari Tel Ram” Company Vision – to merge with and be at the front of the engineering companies in Israel, development in the Real Estate Enterprise field, and its desire to imprint an uncompromising seal of quality and reliability, paved by the hard work and the exceptional dedication and professionalism of the company’s employees.